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New video shows Fernando Sastre, driver of the Porsche, speaking with a choked voice before the accident

A new video that has been in the possession of the São Paulo Public Ministry since last Monday (13), shows businessman Fernando Sastre de Andrade Filho, 24 years old, speaking with a choked voice and apparently out of full consciousness.

The images were included in the process and show the businessman leaving the poker house in the early hours of March 31, minutes before causing the fatal accident that killed app driver Ornaldo da Silva Viana, 52 years old, in the East Zone of São Paulo .

The video shows Fernando unbalanced trying to close the car door. At this moment, Juliana de Toledo, the girlfriend of his friend Marcus Vinícius, asks where he would go. Fernando replies: “I’m going to play pool”. The friend repeats the question and the businessman insists on the answer.

In the images, it is possible to identify that Fernando's girlfriend, Giovanna Pinheiro, refuses to go in the car with him. “Then you go alone”, says the young woman. At this moment, the businessman slams the car door.

A CNN He sought out lawyer Elizeu Soares, who defends the businessman, but received no response. The report will be updated if there is any response.

Lawyer Jose Roberto Soares, who represents Juliana, who also appears in the images, sent the following note: “Juliana de Toledo Simões, through her lawyers, reiterates the commitment assumed to collaborate with Justice since the beginning of the investigation. For this reason, virtual media relating to the date of the incident were delivered to the Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo.”

Preventive detention

Fernando Sastre handed himself in to the police on May 6, after four arrest requests made by the São Paulo Public Ministry. He is preventively detained in the Tremembé II penitentiary.

The businessman was charged with homicide in the form of intentional intent, which is when the person assumes the risk for their actions and for very serious bodily injury, for having injured their friend in the accident.

Remember the case

Fernando Sastre de Andrade Filho had left a Poker house in the East Zone of São Paulo, in the early hours of March 31, when, while driving a Porsche vehicle at a speed three times the limit allowed on the road, he collided into the back of a car that was driven by app driver Ornaldo da Silva Viana. The accident killed the driver and left the businessman's friend injured. After the collision, Fernando left the scene with the help of his mother without taking a breathalyzer test.

Source: CNN Brasil

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