New wave can compromise those who have incomplete vaccination schedule, says infectologist

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Renato Kfouri, director of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations (SBIm), told CNN that the individual without a booster dose against Covid returns to the stage of non-protection similar to those who have only one dose or no dose.

“If a new wave of cases arises, those people who are not properly vaccinated are the ones who will be most compromised – which is what happened with Ômicron,” Kfouri said.

The infectologist recalls that, at the beginning of the year, the increase in cases happened with those who were not up to date. “Up to date with the vaccination is to have two doses + the booster dose”, he says.

Asked about the possibility of the need for vaccination for the population annually, as with the flu vaccine, Kfouri said that possibly the same will happen with Covid.

“It is quite possible that we have Covid vaccination, what is not clear is what will happen in the post Covid period, if we will have to vaccinate the entire population as we do now”, he said.

For the infectologist, with the virus circulating in a not so severe, more seasonal way, vaccination can only occur in priority groups, such as the flu: in the elderly, children and immunocompromised.

Source: CNN Brasil

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