New Year’s message for 2022: We are entering a new era – It will be good if we stay active

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“My greatest wish for 2022 is to stay united!” Said Olaf Solz in his first New Year’s message as Chancellor of Germany we remain active “.

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“Taking our destiny into our own hands can make a difference,” he said, urging citizens to abide by the rules of protection and to be vaccinated. “Please take the restrictions very seriously. For your protection, for the protection of your family. We must be faster than the virus. So I appeal once again: get vaccinated!” Olaf Solz continued. thanked the medical and nursing staff “for what you do for all of us, for our country”. “Let’s do everything together – but really everything – in order to finally be able to defeat the coronavirus in the new year,” he said, referring to critics of the measures taken, calling for respect for different views, especially on an issue such as the pandemic: “Many times it is exhausting, but a strong society can withstand contradictions if we listen to each other and respect each other.”

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Source From: Capital

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