A federal judge for the Southern District of New York rejected a US government proposal to put a hold on a $1 billion deal between Voyager and Binance.US, saying the wait would hurt the company’s customers.

Earlier, New York’s Southern District Attorney Damian Williams said approval of the deal – or parts of the deal – should be delayed until appeals are heard in higher courts. He argued that the deal should be modified or canceled as it seeks to effectively indemnify Voyager and its employees from tax or securities law violations.

However, Judge Michael Wiles, who previously approved the deal, said that the agreement had nothing to do with the statements of the US authorities and recalled that the company’s clients have not been able to access their cryptocurrency since the bankruptcy filing.

“Documents exaggerate and in some places misrepresent what I said, and the authorities rely on exaggerations or ‘front man’ arguments,” Wiles said. “The terms of the transaction do not prohibit any action by regulators, including actions to stop sales and distribution of cryptocurrencies provided for in the plan. Delays are also a major issue for customers.”

Crypto broker Voyager filed for bankruptcy back in July 2022, and starting from February of this year, it began to actively sell its assets. According to the Lookonchain analytics portal, Voyager sold 1,449 ETH through Wintermute. Sales were carried out for USDC. In total, Voyager received 2.25 million – $1,553 per ETH.