New York: Emergency measures to curb firearms use

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Her governor New York announced emergency measures today against firearms, amid an increase in crime in this US state, as in the rest of the country. Democrat Andrew Cuomo has ordered a state of emergency against gun violence, a first in the United States that allows him to use emergency response to the new coronavirus pandemic, according to the APE. .

A special coordinator will be appointed to prevent this kind of violence: he will be in charge of New York State health services and will oversee the coordinated action of many social services, state police, penitentiaries and others. “If you look at the latest figures, there are more people dying from guns and crime than from COVID-19 – this is a national problem that we have to deal with, as it’s our future,” Cuomo said. in a statement issued.

“As with COVID-19, New York will once again set an example to the rest of the country with a holistic approach,” added its governor, who, despite being weakened by scandals, was a voice respected in the pandemic. of the new coronavirus in 2020.

These measures will mainly allow faster data retrieval, “hot spots” to be identified and resources to be allocated accordingly. The state of New York therefore plans to invest about $ 138 million in intervention and prevention programs, of which $ 76 million to create jobs and activities for young people at greatest risk.

Strong rise in crime

It will also be set up Special Police Unit for Combating Smuggling of Firearms from other states: Although New York is one of the US states with the strictest gun ownership laws, it is easy to buy guns from neighboring Pennsylvania and New Jersey, where looser rules apply.

The governor of New York also signed two laws yesterday, Tuesday: one that facilitates lawsuits against arms manufacturers in civil courts and one that seeks to prevent fugitives from acquiring a weapon. Manufacturers have so far largely been relieved of any liability under federal law, which New York law will allow to be circumvented.

These measures are taken at the time New York and US in general face strong rise in crime since last summer, with a 30% increase in homicides in the country’s major cities by 2020, which Republicans see as the result of a Democrat relaxation. President Joe Biden also unveiled June 23 measures to curb gun trafficking at the federal level, but Congress is very divided and Democrats are struggling to mobilize.

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