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New York is under flood warning after storm sweeps through Pennsylvania, killing 4

New York is under flood warning after storm sweeps through Pennsylvania, killing 4

More than 5 million people in southern Connecticut and southeastern New York state, including most of New York City, are under flood warnings, according to the National Weather Service.

A storm advancing across the northeastern United States threatens more than 40 million people with excessive rainfall and has already caused flooding that has caused at least four deaths in Pennsylvania.

Weather conditions in New York are unstable, said the governor Kathy Hochul , told reporters this Sunday (16), warning that the state could have record levels of rainfall. She pleaded with residents to avoid unnecessary travel.

“A flash flood does not warn. It literally comes in a flash,” said Hochul. “And in those moments, your car can go from a place of safety to a place of death.”

Power was out at about 9,300 homes, Hochul said, noting that officials were trying to restore power.

Major airports experienced significant weather-related flight delays on Sunday. All flights serving major airports in New York City and Boston were reduced throughput, including Boston Logan International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to Federal Aviation Administration.

The National Weather Service also issued a tornado warning including parts of the New York subway on Sunday. Much of New England’s recently flooded region could face torrential downpours.

The weather service has issued a level 3 out of 4 threat for excessive rainfall in areas including New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

“There are over 5 million under flood warning, including much of Manhattan. It could be one of the highest population numbers under a single warning I’ve ever seen.” Brandon Miller .

The National Weather Service warned that most deaths from flooding occur in vehicles and urged people not to attempt to drive on flooded roads.

“Excessive runoff from heavy rainfall will cause flooding of urban areas, highways, streets and underpasses, as well as other drainage areas and low points,” the meteorological service said.

Authorities search for missing children after Pennsylvania floods

Four people were found dead due to flooding in Pennsylvania, officials said, as they searched for three who remain missing, including a two-year-old girl and her nine-month-old brother.

Bucks County officials, where the children are missing, are also looking for an adult woman, Upper Makefield Fire Chief said. Tim Brewer told reporters on Sunday.

Heavy rains flooded roads, taking many people by surprise on Saturday and leaving some stranded, the Upper Makefield Township Police Department said in a statement.

Search and rescue efforts are ongoing, Brewer noted.

“We’re treating this as a rescue, but we’re pretty sure we’re in recovery mode at this point,” Brewer said Sunday.

The state’s emergency management agency is monitoring the flood and coordinating with water rescue teams in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the governor said. Josh Shapiro on twitter.

The emergency management agency is asking residents to check road conditions before travelling.

“Never drive through standing water. Mere inches of floodwater can wash you away in your vehicle,” the agency said on Twitter.

The agency also warned that some homes could be without power.

Over the past month, parts of upstate New England and the Northeast have had 200% to 300% of their average monthly rainfall, leading to last week’s disastrous flooding in parts of Vermont, New York and western Massachusetts.

“Given that some parts of the Northeast contain soils that are saturated and sensitive from recent heavy rains over the past 10 days, this is a configuration primed to produce flash flooding that could be significant in affected areas,” the weather service said.

USA: 25 million people are under alert for floods

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A 35-year-old woman died last week when she was swept away by floodwaters as she tried to leave her home in Orange County, New York.

Authorities say the floods have caused tens of millions of dollars in damage.

Hochul said on Sunday he would announce additional funding this week, primarily to help homeowners in Orange County who have been hardest hit.

“We need to talk about how we can make flood insurance more affordable for New Yorkers,” Hochul said, adding that extreme weather events could very well be the new normal.

“Owners are not prepared. They have no money in their pockets and in their bank accounts and are expected to cover these costs themselves.”

Vermont has faced flooding the likes of which have not been seen since Hurricane Irene devastated the state in 2011. Heavy rains pounded streets and homes, prompting hundreds of evacuations and more than 200 rescues.

President Joe Biden approved an emergency declaration for Vermont, authorizing FEMA to move necessary equipment and resources.

Even with help, “it’s going to take years — if not a decade — of recovery for the state of Vermont,” he said. Jennifer Morrison state commissioner of public safety.

Constant warming and atmospheric changes are “overloading” regular weather events, making them longer and more intense, he said. Michael E. Mann, climate scientist and distinguished professor at the University of Pennsylvania, CNN .

Weather experts say it’s part of a “perfect storm” this summer, leading to deadly flooding in places like the Northeast, while other parts of the world – including the US Southwest – are scorched by record heat.

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