New York Marathon: Runner collapsed but finished with the help of his teammates – The moving video

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Solidarity between people can work wonders. And sometimes it gives moving moments. Like those recorded in marathon of New York on Sunday 7/11. A marathon runner, who apparently collapsed with just 200 meters left to finish, finally managed to cross the finish line with other athletes, emotional video recorded in Sunday’s race.

When the man in the black T-shirt appeared to stumble under the weight of his fatigue and just before the end of the exhausting 41.2 km race, two men seemed to grab each of his hands to lift him up and help him. to end. As they walked together to the finish line while other runners hurried, it shows video.

Another marathoner appears to be walking behind the man, taking care not to fall backwards.

“Time does not matter”

The crowd in Central Park watching the pictures cheered in an emotional atmosphere.

“I was there. We saw it and cried. It was great. We screamed “your time does not matter”! He is your brother. pick him up! Go Go go. The best moment “, commented Stacie Handwerker in the video, published by the Good News Movement.

Karly Sisco commented that she was also a witness of the moment, writing: “I really saw it. “It was amazing to see everyone come together to help him.”

The case of the athlete who collapsed and was helped was not the only one as the lens of the Associated Press also recorded 3 female athletes, with one of them obviously tired and trying to finish supported by two of her fellow athletes.

The New York City Marathon celebrated its 50th installation on Sunday, attracting more than 30,000 athletes from around the world.

Two Kenyans were crowned winners of the men’s and women’s races this year: Albert Korir, 27, crossed the finish line with a time of 2:08:22, while the women’s title went to Peres Jepchirchir, 28, who scored 2:22. : 39.

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