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New York will have New Year’s Eve in Times Square with proof of vaccine required

New York City will once again welcome thousands of people to Times Square for the famous tradition of the New Year’s Eve ball, provided they show proof of Covid-19 vaccination, officials said on Tuesday (16).

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the return of a “big, strong, full force” in person at this year’s 2022 New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square. Last year’s celebration took place at a virtual event due to concerns about the pandemic.

“We want to welcome these hundreds of thousands of people — but they all need to be vaccinated,” the mayor warned. “All you need to do is have proof of vaccination and a valid photo ID and you’re done.”

The mayor said he is working with the New York Department of Health, the NYPD (the acronym for the New York Police) and other partners to prepare for the New York City festivities.

“Join the crowd, join the joy, join a historic moment as NYC (New York City) provides further proof to the world that we’re 100% back,” said de Blasio.

Proof of Covid-19 vaccine

Times Square Alliance head Tom Harris joined the press conference to celebrate the return of the in-person celebration, saying all participants aged five and over will be required to present proof of vaccinations.

Harris said people who cannot be vaccinated for any health reason must provide proof of a negative PCR test within 72 hours.

He added that children under the age of five must be accompanied by a vaccinated adult and all individuals who cannot be vaccinated must wear a mask.

(*This text has been translated. Click here to read the original in English)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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