New Yorkers Demand Administration Ban on Power Plant Mining

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Local organizations have asked New York Governor Kathleen Hochul to ban the conversion of old city power plants into mining farms.

Several organizations and labor enterprises have sent
letter Governor of New York State Kathleen Hochul. They demand that the city administration impose a moratorium on mining cryptocurrencies using the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism until a conclusion is received on the impact of mining on the environment, water and air quality in the state. The letter expressed concern that if miners begin to expand in New York, it could jeopardize the implementation of the initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, as the mining of cryptocurrencies requires a huge amount of electricity.

In particular, the letter put forward a demand to revoke permits for power plants Greenidge and Fortistar North Tonawanda for mining activities. The argument is a statement by New York State Environmental Protection Commissioner Basil Seggos that Greenidge does not seek to comply with New York’s climate laws. In 2018, Greenidge emitted 119,207 tons of carbon dioxide, in 2019 – 39,406 tons, and in 2020 – 228,303 tons.

The Fortistar North Tonawanda power plant has also increased greenhouse gas emissions in recent years: in 2019, this figure was 9,245 tons of carbon dioxide per year, and in 2020, it increased to 10,981 tons. These emissions are expected to skyrocket. At the same time, harmful substances are emitted into the atmosphere: nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide, which can adversely affect air quality and the health of the local population.

The applicants believe that the city administration should prohibit local power plants and businesses from mining cryptocurrencies, since they exist only on the Internet and they do not have physical coins and banknotes. Cryptocurrencies are not issued by the central bank and do not have government support, which is why they are popular among cybercriminals and scammers, the letter says.

This is not the first time that local residents have complained about Greenidge Generation. In July, New Yorkers accused her of unsustainable mining due to intense heating of the water in Lake Seneca after the power plant began mining bitcoins.

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