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News and special content reinforce CNN Brasil programming

In June, the CNN Brazil presents great news in its programming schedule. From next Monday (10), the CNN Behind the Scenes It will start earlier, from noon to 3pm, lasting an hour longer. Subsequently, the CNN 360º features the debuts of Débora Bergamasco and Iuri Pitta as news anchors.

In the same week, from June 10th to 14th, the CNN Prime Time shows the special series “Ukraine: the future of war” produced by the senior correspondent of CNN in London, Américo Martins.

On Saturday (15), a big debut with an eye on the municipal elections taking place this year here in Brazil and for president in several countries: the GPS CNN . The program, which will be weekly, will air every Saturday at 6pm. A partnership between CNN Brazil and AtlasIntel, one of the most respected Brazilian research and data intelligence companies.

The month of June also brings the premiere of the new season of CNN Travel&Gastronomy . From the 22nd, the program goes on a special expedition crossing the waters of some of the most important seas on the planet.

At the end of the month, starting on June 27th, the channel follows closely and with intense coverage the debate between the candidates for President of the United States. Current president and candidate for re-election Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump face each other in the studios of CNN in Atlanta.

The confrontation will be broadcast live and, right after the debate, the program continues with the America Decides live, with the participation of anchor Márcio Gomes directly from the TV studios CNN in Washington, USA.

In July, Basília Rodrigues takes charge of the program The Great Debate.

Source: CNN Brasil

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