Newsweek: Putin prepares Russians for war with NATO

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THE Vladimir Putin and its staff have recently been preparing the Russian people for war with the NATOanalysts report in Newsweekon the occasion of war in Ukraine.

In accordance with newsweek.comin the article with title «Putin is preparing the Russians for war with NATO», Experts estimate that It is no coincidence that the rhetoric adopted by public figures of the Russian president the Russian presenters and journalists report that the West wants a war with Moscow.

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“I think from Moscow’s point of view, they want to develop an assumption that this whole thing started with NATO and the United States“, Said characteristically Jonathan Katzdirector of the Democracy Initiatives and senior contributor to the German Marshall Fund USA.

At the same time, he added that Putin “uses τον NATO boob and the United States, to justify actions in which it proceeds to the domestic Russian population “.

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Poster with Vladimir Putin in Latvia, shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine

In the “vacuum” the Russian threats

Analysts also stressed that the West must take Russian threats seriously and not downplay Moscow’s claims. “There is one general impression in Europe and USA that the Russia’s threats of retaliation are hollow“, He said Yuri ZhukovAssociate Professor at the University of Michigan.

He also stated that “I think it is more than possible that Russia will eventually feel compelled to take kinetic action against NATO countries“just to make her retaliatory threats seem more credible.”

Source: News Beast

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