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‘Next time I’ll make sure I don’t survive’ – Women in Taliban Afghanistan have no choice but to commit suicide

Initially her dreams of studying medicine were dashed after the Taliban decided to ban women from education. Her family then forced her into a marriage with a drug-addicted cousin. Latifa felt that her future had been taken away from her. The Guardian presents stories and evidence that demonstrate the epidemic of female suicide in Afghanistan and its causes. “I had two choices: marry a drug addict and live a life of misery or kill myself,” the 18-year-old said in a telephone interview from her home in the central province of Ghor. “I chose the latter”… Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in the summer of 2021, there has been a sharp increase in the number of women who have committed suicide or attempted suicide. The tragic evidence was collected from public hospitals and mental health clinics across Afghanistan. Officially, the Taliban authorities have not published data on suicides […]
Source: News Beast

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