Nginx co-founder Igor Sysoev left the company to work on personal projects

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Today, January 19, an entry appeared on the official Nginx blog that Igor Sysoev, the author of the most popular web server in the world, left the company to work on personal projects (there is no exact information about which projects he develops), and also spend more time with family and friends. It is worth noting that initially Sysoev worked as a system administrator at Rambler Group, and in 2002 he began work on his own project. Since then, for twenty years, the specialist has been modifying and improving the web server, which quickly enough pushed world-famous competitors like Apache on the pedestal.

“Today our paths diverge, and Igor goes on a well-deserved rest. Fortunately, his spirit and the culture he created will not go anywhere. In great companies, products and projects, the founder’s DNA is constant and unchanging,” from a message from Rob Whiteley, manager of the American company F5, which absorbed Nginx in 2019.

In addition, Sysoev leaves the company in the wake of its unprecedented development. According to W3Techs, Nginx currently (January 2022) holds 33% of the global web server market, while the legendary Apache system occupies 31%. At the same time, just three years ago, in February 2019, the share of Nginx was only 21%. However, since then, the product, originally created by Igor Sysoev, has gained 10% of the market, while Apache cannot get off the ground. Accordingly, today almost 380 million sites around the world use Nginx products – including Netflix, Yandex projects, VK, and more.

The second co-founder of Nginx Maxim Konovalov, whom Sysoev attracted to the project in 2011, does not leave the project.

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