Nicola Peltz, the billionaire life of Brooklyn Beckham’s future wife (between villas and private jets)

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Brooklyn Beckham e Nicola Peltz, which should soon get married, in recent days as a pre-wedding gift they exchanged the teeth of the judgments. Coated with gold. A bizarre but modest tribute considering the standard of living to which both betrothed have always been accustomed.

When she becomes the wife of the 21-year-old photographer, the 25-year-old actress will join a family with a assets of 450 million dollars. Crumbs for Nicola, accustomed from the cradle to a billionaire existence between villas, jewelry, artwork and private jets. David and Victoria’s future daughter-in-law is in fact the heir of one very wealthy American family with a heritage that would dwarf that of the Beckhams: 1.3 billion pounds, according to Daily Mail.

Nicola, daughter of former model Claudia Heffner and American billionaire Nelson Peltz, is the youngest of eight brothers, six of which are males. The father, avowed fan of Donald Trump as well as an entrepreneur who has invested in the most important companies in the United States, he has never hidden his enormous fortune: in 2016, for the Bar Mitzvah of his twin sons, he spent a good 800 thousand pounds. Nelson Petz is very jealous of his privacy. But now that her youngest daughter is about to join one of the most media-friendly families, she has come under the X-rays of the international press despite herself. Thus it became known, among other things, that he owns a impressive real estate assets. Her winter residence in Palm Beach, to say, it boasts a splendid six-hectare park by the sea, while the main residence located in Bedford, outside New York, is a gigantic building with twenty-seven rooms and 52 hectares of land (among the neighbors: the Trump, Ralph Lauren e George Soros).

«Nelson Peltz’s children grew up in glitz, in huge residences and with two private jets at their disposalA family friend revealed to the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair. «They are used to having everything. Nelson was more inclined to spoil the daughters rather than males. Especially Nicole, the youngest, who grew up with more money than all of her brothers as her father’s wealth has increased a lot over the years. “

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