Nicola, the journalist who found it: “Giving it back to the parents was the best thing” “

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“At 9.22 I was walking on this dirt road that leads to Nicola’s house, about a kilometer and a half away I heard a voice coming from the lower part of a 30-meter ravine, a voice that kept repeating: “Mom, mom”“. It was Giuseppe Di Tommaso, a journalist from RaiUno correspondent of the transmission “La vita in direct”, to find, after two nights and a whole day of research, Nicola Tanturli, the two-year-old child who disappeared in the night between 21 and 22 June from his home, a cottage in the Apennines, in the woods of Mugello.

He told it to Republic: «I shouted his name several times, I went over, I got out and behind the brambles was the child who was scratched and terrified. At that moment I heard a car driving down the road and I preferred to ask for help because I hurt my leg getting off. I got back up: they were the carabinieri and together, then, we recovered the baby and returned it to the arms of the parents, especially to the mother ».

For the journalist “it was an exciting moment because we are used to telling with detachment and coldness, and when it comes to children, the news shows that it is unlikely that they are stories that have a happy ending. Here, I am happy and proud, and above all it is the best recognition of my life and career to have returned that 21-month-old baby to the arms of his mother ».

Nicola’s mum and dad were excited, “and, above all, they wanted to hug their son,” continues Di Tommaso. “The father thanked me and then they left immediately because they had to check the health of the little one. The baby was fine because when I held him in my arms he calmed down: I caressed him and he felt that the nightmare was over».

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