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Nicolas Cage ready to leave cinema for TV?

It’s never too late to change Nicolas Cage he knows it well. The actor turns 60 on January 7, and more than 100 films into his film career, he’s ready for a change. It was the star himself who revealed it in an interview given to Uproxx. «After 45 years of doing it I feel I have said more or less everything I had to say with cinema” has explained.

“I wish I could leave on a high note, like Dream Scenario (film by Kristoffer Borgli released in November, ed), and being able to say “Adios”. But I have to do three or four more films before I can get there». Cage, therefore, still has other contracts to fulfill. Then, however, he could say goodbye to the big screen once and for all.

However, his fans can breathe a sigh of relief. This is not a farewell to acting but a desire for change. «I hope to change format and dedicate myself to some other way of expressing my acting” he added. The actor, in fact, is thinking of bringing his talent to television. «To make another film I want to explore other formats. I will be strict in the selection process.”

And he doesn’t deny a certain interest in the small screen and TV series. «I saw things that can be done now with the characters and the time they are given to express themselves. I saw Bryan Cranston stare at a suitcase for an hour on an episode of breaking Bad. We don’t have time to do it in a feature film, so maybe television is the next best step for me. We will see”.

Nicolas Cage, protagonist of the new issue of GQ
Protagonist of the cover story of the April issue, the actor talks about successes, difficulties, love and a certain meme-ability

After all, after having played every type of character, Nicolas Cage’s desire is understandable. It is no coincidence that he explained where the desire to change comes from: «I like to stay fresh. I like to keep mixing. I don’t want to get stuck in any genre or style of performance.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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