Nicolò Zaniolo, his mother speaks: “We do not approve of Madalina Ghenea”

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After the gossip, the words of the family. Francesca Costa, mother of Nicolò Zaniolo, broke the silence and gave her own version of what happened with Sara Scaperrotta. “My husband and I we do not agree on the attendance that (Nicolò, ed) is having with Madalina GheneaCosta said with a speech on Radio Radio. «Managing Nicolò, a twenty year old boy, is not easy. We are in difficulty about the situation he has with this woman, we are afraid that someone wants to ruin his career “, continued the woman, whose perplexities were followed by harsh words about the ex-daughter-in-law, who from Instagram has erased all traces of her relationship with Zaniolo.

«It is disgusting and inhumane to say that we kicked Sara out of the house. Sara has always been treated like a daughter, especially by me. We have not kicked her out of the house, I would like her or someone else to come and tell us to our faces that we have treated her in this way “, said Costa, explaining how”When Nicolò wrote us that they were expecting a baby, we went down to Rome. He had known this for ten days and was desperate. He was arguing with Sara because in those days he realized he was no longer in love with her », he continued. When we arrived Sara was ready to leave with the bags, we talked very quietly. She said she was going to the gynecologist, I offered to accompany her. She told me she was going alone and I wrote her not to pester her and to call me once the visit was over. Never heard again. The following evening she came to take her things with her father and brother, then she left. ‘

Sara Scaperrotta, a Roman student to whom the Magica footballer promised help and collaboration, would have decided to cut off all communication with the Zaniolo family. And this despite his relationship with the midfielder being fragile for some time. “It is true that Sara had an abortion seven months ago, there were some unpleasant situations. They broke up, but Sara a month before we knew she was pregnant, she told me: “Luckily it went like this last time, Nicolò is not easy to manage. We weren’t ready yet ”. Nicolò has noticed something bigger than him, but this does not deny the will to deal with it, to give the affection of a father “, concluded the footballer’s mother.

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