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Nigel Farage: The Story of the Unthinkable Brexit Champion Who Arrives in Parliament

Sometimes they come back and sometimes they never leave. Nigel Farage belongs to both categories. Abroad, one had almost never encountered him again after the long campaign of the Brexithas always been a hit at home and it really seems that British voters cannot do without him. At the eighth attempt, the leader of Reform UK he was officially elected as a member of the British House of Commons. He won in the Conservative Party constituency of Clacton-on-Sea. The battle cry is always the same and it is always, not veiled, populist: «The revolt against the establishment is underway».

The swearing-in of the deputies is scheduled for Tuesday 9 July. The Speech from the Throne, the official opening of Parliament, will be on Wednesday 17th. The first weekly question time with the Prime Minister should be the following Wednesday, July 24th. MPs should meet until July 31st before the summer recess and return on September 2nd.

Farage will also be attending all these events for the first time. The son of a stockbroker, he was born in 1964 in Kent. He attended Dulwich College in south London, but did not go to university. In 1982 he became a trader at the London Metal Exchange. He has been married twice and divorced twice. He has four children. He smokes and loves beer. He follows cricket and football, and is a fan of Crystal Palace. Not averse to golf.

Politically he was born conservative, but abandons the Tories when the UK ratifies the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. That’s where his Euroscepticism comes from. He joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and has been its leader since 2006. He was elected several times as a member of the European Parliament. Over the years, attacks on community institutions and other European countries became continuous.

It’s official: London is no longer Europe
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The height of his anti-Europeanism came in 2016 during the campaign for the referendum on the UK’s exit from the European Union convened by the then Tory Prime Minister David Cameron. It was a personal triumph, made up of mostly unfulfilled and often untrue proclamations. The idea, however, remains the same. His party in 2018 was called the Brexit Party and in 2019 it became the current Reform UK.

He leaves politics between 2021 and 2024 to become one of the faces of the right-wing channel Gb News. His program is a political analysis in which he goes as far as to say that Brexit was a disaster, but the fault lies with the Conservative Party. England has not benefited as much as it should have. The election in July 2024 comes in the constituency of Essex where in 2016 the highest percentage for Brexit was recorded: 70%.

His idea is always anti-system and anti-establishment, always on the path of populism that attacks immigrants and foreign aid. No immigrants not essential to the country, immediate exit of those with criminal records. International development funding halvedLondon out of the European Convention on Human Rights. He promises tax cuts and the abolition of inheritance tax under two million pounds. He is known for his friendship with Donald Trump and his position on justice is similar: more police and more prison.

Among the politicians in the last election campaign he was the most present on TikTok and he presents himself as a true opposition given the crisis of the Conservative Party. He brought Brexit, he put the fight against immigration at the center of the political battle. And he did it from outside Parliament. Will he be able to go further inside?

Source: Vanity Fair

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