NigeriA: More Than 1,800 Prisoners Escape After Prison Attack

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Schaos in southeastern Nigeria. More than 1,800 detainees escaped from an Imo state prison on Monday after an attack by “armed men”, the country’s prison services said. “Owerri prison (…) was attacked around 2:15 am Monday by unidentified armed men who forcibly released 1,844 detainees,” the spokesperson for the prison services said in a statement. Nigerians, Francis Enobore.

“Witnesses said they saw a large number of armed men on board pick-ups (…), they immediately attacked prison staff before blowing up the main door,” said this press release. For his part, the communications officer of the prisons of Imo State, James Madugba, confirmed the attack and affirmed that the “situation is under control”, urging the inhabitants to “continue to go about their business”.

Separatist inclinations

Imo State is located in the former independence region of Biafra, where the IPOB (The Indigenous People of Biafra) movement displays its separatist inclinations and has recently shown videos in which we can see dozens, even hundreds of fighters in training. Nonetheless, the group’s spokesperson, Emma Powerful, denied any connection to the attack, in a statement sent to AFP, calling any information accusing them of “false” and “misleading”.

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