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Nikon to close two of its three Japanese lens factories

The ever-growing popularity of smartphones is one of the reasons for the decline in demand for cameras. As a result, manufacturers of photographic equipment have to go to unpopular measures and various kinds of optimization in order to reduce costs and protect their business at least for a while. One such measure for Nikon was the closure of two Japanese factories that manufacture lenses.

Nikon to close two of its three Japanese lens factories

According to the Japanese edition Nikkei, Nikon will close factories in the cities of Nagai and Aizuwakamatsu, which make lenses. 108 workers from the first plant and 54 from the second will be transferred to the plant in Otawara. If the transfer is impossible or not in demand, then people will be assisted in finding employment at other enterprises.

The site at the Nagai plant will be sold, and the site at Aizuwakamatsu will become the property of local authorities. As a result, only one lens production site will remain on the home market, but it will mainly produce flagship models. Other models of lenses will come off the assembly line of the Thai factory. By the way, Nikon also wants to move the production of cameras themselves to Thailand.


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