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Nina Moric, who discovered the clitoris at 33 because her boyfriend told her about it

Born in Zagreb, Croatia, and became famous in Italy, Nina Moric has led a private life for many yearskeeping away from the spotlight and posting little or nothing on Instagram. Podcast guest Gurulandthe model and mother of Carlos Maria, born in 2002 from love with her ex-husband Fabrizio Coronaopened on a burning topic: sexual pleasure. «I only truly discovered my sexuality at 33, the age of Christ.”, commented Nina Moric. «I didn't have this great relationship with my sexuality when I was young: I didn't feel pleasure. At 33 I dated this guy who taught me what the clitoris was. And from there I discovered everything and more”, he concluded by bursting out laughing and alluding to the pleasure objective achieved.

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Female sexual pleasure: a question of the clitoris, but not only

As underlined by Dr. Bianca Maria Fracaspsychologist and sexologist«the clitoris is a sensitive organ located in the anterior part of the vulva, above the vaginal opening and below the pubic mound. Made up of a small bulb and a larger external part, the clitoris is rich in nerve endings and has the task of providing sexual pleasure when stimulated. In sexual intercourse, clitoral stimulation can occur in different ways, by direct stimulation of its external part with the fingers or tongueor through indirect stimulation through vaginal penetration or other forms of physical contact. The use of sex toys designed specifically for clitoral stimulation is rewarding for many women. I would like to underline that to achieve pleasure, women should also and above all “exercise”. feel free to express desires, needs and preferences to your sexual partnerwithout fear of being misjudged (a fear that is still very deep-rooted). Keep to yourself what you like and what you don't like in sexual intercourse it can create blocks, taboos and keep you from pleasure. There is a book, published some time ago, but still relevant, which I recommend not only to women interested in improving their sexuality, but also to men who want to know and understand their partner: is titled My pleasure by Silvia de Bejar Gonzalez». Let's take note.

Source: Vanity Fair

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