Nina Silva: Amnesty International report points to setbacks in Brazil

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The CNN Expert in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Diversity, Nina Silva, analyzed Amnesty International’s report that points to human rights violations worldwide.

In Brazil, the document points to the economic, financial and health crisis aggravated by the pandemic. Nina Silva points out that the negative highlights of Brazil revealed demonstrate the setback in different areas. “Poor management of public policies during the pandemic, greater lethality of Covid-19 among blacks, increased hunger and violence against transsexuals.”

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With regard to food insecurity, the expert warns that, according to a study by the Brazilian Research Network on Sovereignty and Nutritional Food Security, 9% of Brazilian households – around 19 million people – are hungry.

“Among family farmers, quilombola, indigenous and riverside communities, the proportion of households affected by hunger rose to 12%. In an election year, it is necessary to pay attention to which proposals and programs will most effectively attack the aggravations suffered in the last two years by our society”, he concludes.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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