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Nintendo stops game sales in Russia

THE Nintendo announced that it will no longer sell games on Russia through its online store, as the Japanese giant winds down operations in the increasingly isolated country. The changes, which were announced and came into effect yesterday Wednesdayfollow Nintendo’s suspension of product shipments to Russia in March 2022 after the invasion of Ukraine.

Russian customers can still re-download previously purchased content, but it cannot be done new payments or create new accounts, Nintendo said in a statement.

Following the suspension of the shipment and “as a result of the financial picture, Nintendo of Europe has decided to terminate the operations of its Russian subsidiary”, it is noted.

“Payment information associated with Nintendo Accounts, such as credit card or PayPal account information, has been deleted for security reasons.” Nintendo’s eShop was already “under maintenance” in Russia because its payment provider had stopped trading with rubles. An increasing number of multinationals have completely or partially stopped their activities in Russia since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Some of them cited hindrances to their business activities, while others have directly linked the move to anger over the president’s decision. Vladimir Putin to send troops to Ukraine in February last year. Nintendo’s rival Sony has suspended shipments of software and hardware to Russia and its operations PlayStation Store there in March 2022.

Source: News Beast

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