No additional tax 7 out of 10 clearances

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The speed in the submission of tax returns is increasing, with the result that six out of ten have closed the pending issues with the tax office regarding this specific part.

According to the analysis of the data so far, almost seven in ten will pay no extra tax on the income they earned in 2021.

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At the same time, those who will be asked to pay additional tax, three out of ten taxpayers, will each pay on average the same as last year, while on the contrary, the average refund for those whose settlement statement is a credit has increased by approximately 20%.

A relative delay is observed in the submission of E3 declarations, since only four out of ten have finalized it. This relative delay probably has to do with the fact that the signing of the decisions on the way of declaring the amounts resulting from the refundable advance payment for professionals and businesses was delayed.

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Let’s look in detail at the data obtained until yesterday:

1. 4,070,561 E1 tax returns have been submitted, while last year a total of approximately 6.4 million were submitted. The submission rate is at 60%. Another 2.3 million declarations remain to be submitted, which means that an average of 82 thousand declarations will have to be submitted every day.

2. A similar percentage is recorded for those who have finalized E2. In comparison, their number amounts to 1,960,537 taxpayers, compared to 3,258,888 last year.

3. The percentage of submission of E3 declarations is lower. It amounts to 40% or 675,721 taxpayers, compared to 1,522,427 that were in total last year.

It is worth noting that 7,033,462 taxpayers have proceeded to finalize their data.

Based on the clearing of the declarations so far, the following data emerges:

* 53.73% of the declarations, i.e. 2,187,112 are zero.

* 13.91%, i.e. 566,215 declarations have a tax refund. The total amount is 200.7 million. The average refund amount is 355 euros and is increased by 20% compared to the corresponding amount in 2021, which was 279 euros.

* The taxpayers who are asked to pay additional amounts amount to 1,317,233 and correspond to 32.36% of the total. The average amount they are asked to pay amounts to 959 euros, slightly lower than last year when it was 966 euros.

Tax declarations must be submitted by July 29. On the same day, the first installment out of a total of eight provided for will have to be paid, with the last one scheduled for the end of February 2023. Those who choose to pay the income tax in one lump sum by July 29, 2022 will have a 3% discount on of the total amount.

It should also be noted that there is the possibility of joining the fixed arrangement of 24 installments or repayment in 12 interest-free monthly installments via credit card.

Who should hurry

A prerequisite is the submission of tax returns, for those who want to apply for the Power Pass and the compensation of up to 600 euros, if they submit a tax return for the first time and live in a main or rented residence, parents with children studying in another city ​​and pay rent for student housing and for taxpayers with errors or omissions in their primary residence information. Those taxpayers have just a few days – until Tuesday 5 July – to avoid missing out on the benefit, which means they’ll have to hurry.

Also a condition for submitting an application for the granting of the Fuel Pass, with the relevant platform opening at the end of the month, is the submission of a tax return for 2022.

Source: Capital

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