‘No’ from SYRIZA to the fine and Gerotziafa proposal for ‘certificate everywhere’

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By Niki Zorba

SYRIZA “unlocked” it when it formulated the government’s decision by the Prime Minister for compulsory vaccination of those over 60 on a fine of 100 euros for those who choose to remain unvaccinated after January 16.

THE Koumoundourou’s reaction was immediate – The announcement was issued just a short time after the announcement of the measure by Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the Council of Ministers.

They spoke of “targeting” the elderly, after “targeting” the young in recent months, called for “positive” moves for the vaccinated in this age group, opposed the government’s criticism that when it chose a “positive measure” for vaccinating the young ( 150 euros), then they did not like that either and talked about “pocket money” and “redemption”, arguing that “conditions are different then” and that the 150 ari was not given to young people as an incentive for vaccination but to “cure” them the government for the “beating” in the squares, and so on.

In conclusion, Koumoundourou’s sources stand out in particular that it is: “a hard class measure that affects the weakest, because a wealthy unvaccinated elderly person can pay and never be vaccinated”.

Alexis Tsipras, a little later moved in exactly the same tones during his meeting with POEDIN, describing the Prime Minister as a “saboteur of vaccination”.

The embarrassment for SYRIZA to explain how its weeks-long demand for “harsh anti-popular measures” that have political costs with its uprising after yesterday’s announcements, will probably find a way out in the proposal made by Grigoris Gerotziafas, professor of hematology and from the personal advisers of Alexis Tsipras (he also participates in the think tank of the president of SYRIZA) on universal compulsory vaccination, regardless of age and other criteria with a “penalty” the “vaccination certificate” for all activities.

Gerotziafas: Universal vaccination with “certificate everywhere”

Specifically, in today’s article entitled: “Compulsory vaccination: Universal and for all without a fine of 100 euros – The conditions Gerotziafa” (ieidiseis) Mr. Gerotziafas, states among others:

1. Measures unjustly target one social class and create a sense of complacency in others. Thus, objectively and independently of the desire of the government, conditions are created that can turn one social or age group towards the other.

2. By imposing a fine of 100 euros on retirees – which is objectively an economically weak social category, the measures establish a practice of economic blackmail in the form of “you will be vaccinated because you are poor and can not be saved”.

3. Let us look at the example of a 67-year-old man with an income of 2,000 euros a month (there are such retirees) who decided for his own reasons to play the bras de fer of refusing the vaccine – that is, to bet his life on his beliefs. Do we seriously believe that the fine of 100 euros per month will lead him to a change of attitude? If the cost can be borne, it will continue to circulate as unvaccinated thus exposing itself to the risk of infection with the virus, transmitting and spreading the virus to the community, etc.

4. Compulsory vaccination for all adult citizens regardless of income, class, place of residence. Implementation of “penalties” inspired by the principles of equality and based on the basic tool that has been proven to work in countries with successful vaccination programs: the vaccination certificate. A simple idea is that the vaccinated should not have access to public transport, public services, tax information, etc.

5. As the country enters a very critical period in view of the Christmas holidays, let the rulers not be afraid to take the only path that will lead to the conquest of the 90% of the vaccinated population over the age of 12, which is the mass, universal, compulsory vaccination . This model was implemented in China and Cuba and succeeded. Only the decision must be made now.


-Tsipras for AIDS: Awareness of society, work in schools and conflict with irrationality



Source From: Capital

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