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“No” from the UN to the creation, unilaterally, of “security zones” in the Gaza Strip

The heads of its main services UN said today that they refuse to participate in the creation of “safe zones” in Gaza Strip without the consent of all parties. “No “safe zone” is truly safe when announced unilaterally or is imposed by the presence of the armed forces” underline in the statement signed by eleven high-ranking officials. Among them are the head of the humanitarian affairs agency Martin Griffiths, Cindy McCain of the World Food Program and the director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The statement is also signed by some major non-governmental organizations such as CARE International and Save the Children.

“As leaders of humanitarian organizations, our position is clear: we will not participate in the creation of any safe zone in Gaza without the agreement of all parties, unless the basic conditions that will they guarantee safety and (the coverage of) basic needs and if there is no mechanism to oversee its implementation”, they state in their announcement.

Israeli authorities have repeatedly asked civilians in the northern Gaza Strip to move south. “Under the current circumstances, proposals to unilaterally establish safe zones in Gaza risk causing civilian harm, including large-scale loss of life. That is why they should be rejected,” they added. Officials and NGOs also explain that, in their view, the concentration of civilians in such zones can “increase the risk of attacks” and therefore the number of victims.

Source: News Beast

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