“No” from the White House to the federal vaccination passport

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The White House said Tuesday it would not impose a US vaccination certificate on the new coronavirus, but said the private sector was free to consider the idea.

«The government does not support, nor will it support, a system that would require Americans to have a certificateSaid the spokeswoman for the US presidency, Jen Psaki.

“There will be no federal database on vaccinations, nor will the federal state impose an obligation on everyone to obtain a vaccination certificate,” Ms. Psaki added during the daily briefing of accredited authors.

The strongest interest in this idea is expressed by private companies, which are looking forward to reopening facilities where “a large number of people” work, such as stadiums or spectacle halls, the spokeswoman noted.

The government of Joe Biden will make it public soon “Advice” that will give “important answers to the questions that Americans are asking, especially about personal data, security and discrimination.”

“From the federal government’s point of view, what we are interested in is simple: Americans’ personal data and rights must be protected, so that such systems are not used unfairly against people,” Jen Psaki added.

Several countries have already set up or intend to set up a health “passport”, which will record that someone has been vaccinated for the new coronavirus to facilitate the resumption of large gatherings and travel.

The idea, however, raises criticisms and concerns about possible discrimination and the protection of personal data.

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