No gym motivation? Learn how to maintain results and motivation in training

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Who has never missed the gym after being faced with that very cold and rainy weather in the morning? Or couldn’t get energy to exercise after arriving very tired from work?

For those who always skip a day or two of training or stopped practicing physical exercises because they were even unmotivated, you can rest assured that you are not alone.

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Gracyanne Barbosa revealed through her Instagram, this Monday (30), that she is not always motivated to train.

The speech came after a follower questioned how the fitness muse is so willing to keep training constantly.

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The influencer also took the opportunity to point out that “even without daily motivation, what matters is having discipline and focus, in addition to the goal”.

Motivation to exercise

While many may find it difficult to start or maintain an exercise routine, omestre in physical education and specialist in sports training Eduardo Barbosa explains that motivation starts when you focus on health, not just on aesthetic aspects.

“THE The best motivation is the internal one, the one where you look at yourself, at your goals and run to the gym every day, doing physical activity to achieve them. When you look at your health first, the aesthetic result comes later.“, he says.

The specialist also warns that we should not compare our results with those of other people, in addition to respecting the limits of our own body.

“If you project someone else’s earnings onto yourself, it becomes a dangerous motivation. If you don’t achieve the same results, you’ll become demotivated”, says Eduardo.

The master in physical education also warns that the results need to come in a sustainable way, without looking for ways to conquer your personal goals quickly. “There is no magic, no acceleration.”

Check out tips for not losing motivation in training:

  • Focus on your health before aesthetic gain;
  • Don’t compare your results with other people’s;
  • Do professional follow-up;
  • Have a specific goal;
  • Respect your body and never set unattainable goals;
  • Maintain a healthy diet.

Source: CNN Brasil

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