No indication China sent weapons or aid to Russia, says Biden

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In an interview with “60 Minutes,” US President Joe Biden shared more details about his talks last winter with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the “gigantic mistake” it would be if China helped Russia in its war against Ukraine.

Biden added that “so far” there has been “no indication” that China has presented weapons or “other things Russia wanted” to help with its war in Ukraine.

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The president was about to add to his sentence when he stopped, saying, “Well, maybe I shouldn’t say any more.”

CBS’ Scott Pelly asked Biden to continue — but Biden answered a decisive no.

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“I called President Xi. Not wanting to threaten, just to tell him, we’ve met many times. And I said, ‘If you think the Americans and others are going to continue to invest in China on the basis of violating the sanctions that were imposed on Russia, I think you’re making a huge mistake. But that’s your decision,'” Biden said, referring to a video call he had with Xi after the Beijing Olympics, in which Xi invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to participate.

THE CNN previously reported that Biden used this 110-minute video call in March to dissuade Xi from aiding Russia in its war against Ukraine.

Source: CNN Brasil

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