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No more noise! Airbnb permanently bans parties in its accommodations

Following the increase in parties organized during the pandemic in accommodations published on the Airbnb site, the company made the decision to temporarily ban all types of parties in its rentals, a suspension that began in 2020.

With that as a background, Airbnb announced on June 29 that they have made the decision to definitively suspend parties and events worldwide within the properties they rent on their site, since they consider that more than a public health restriction , this new policy became a critical community tool to support hosts and their neighbors.

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The temporary ban has proven effective, and today Airbnb announces that it will officially implement the ban as its new policy.

The company specializing in the rental of houses and apartments assured that the temporary ban has worked wonderfully and has been well received by the community, since reports of parties in its promoted properties have decreased by up to 44 percent from the previous year and that More than 6,600 guests were suspended in 2021 for party-related violations.

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The policy will continue to include serious consequences for guests who attempt to violate these rules, ranging from account suspension to complete removal from the platform. In 2021, more than 6,600 guests were suspended from using the platform for attempting to violate the party ban.

It is worth mentioning that Airbnb took the drastic measure of suspending the organization of events in its rentals after a fatal shooting occurred in 2019 in one of its rental houses in Orinda, near San Francisco, California, in the United States, an incident that occurred during a Halloween party and left a balance of five people killed and several injured.

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In addition, they specified that disruptive parties and events, as well as open-invitation meetings and party spaces, will continue to be prohibited. As part of its new policy, Airbnb has also removed the 16-person occupancy limit, which was also in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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