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No one is above the law, says prosecutor after conviction of Biden’s son

David Weiss, the special prosecutor appointed last year to oversee the investigation into Hunter Biden’s case, said no one is above the law, after the US president’s son was convicted of three federal counts of illegal gun possession this year. Tuesday (11).

“No one in this country is above the law. Everyone must be held accountable for their actions, even this defendant,” said the lawyer who investigated the son of the US president.

Weiss added: “However, Hunter Biden should be held no more accountable than any other citizen convicted of the same conduct. The prosecution has been and will continue to be committed to this principle.”

The special prosecutor said at a press conference this Tuesday (11), after a jury in Delaware in the US convicted Joe Biden’s son on three charges, that the trial was a “difficult task”.

The special counsel also stated that the case was “not just about addiction” but about the “illegal choices” Hunter Biden made while using drugs.

“Ultimately, this case wasn’t just about addiction, a disease that haunts families across the United States, including Hunter Biden’s family. This case was about the illegal choices the defendant made while he was at the height of his addiction,” Weiss said.

The lawyer also thanked Attorney General Merrick Garland, as well as the prosecution team that worked on the weapons possession case against Hunter Biden, son of American President Joe Biden.

“I want to thank Attorney General Garland for providing the support necessary to fulfill our mission, ensuring that we have the independence to properly pursue our investigations and prosecutions,” the attorney said.

The special prosecutor did not respond to any questions, citing “additional trials and investigative work to be done.”

David Weiss was the one who presented the case against Hunter Biden at the US Department of Justice.

Weiss was appointed in 2017 under Trump as U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware, and the Biden administration asked him to keep the position in 2021 while continuing the investigation into Hunter Biden. Last year, the lawyer was appointed as special prosecutor to oversee investigations into the case.

This Tuesday (11), Hunter Biden was convicted of three federal charges of possession of an illegal weapon by a jury in Delaware.

“Your choice to lie on a government form when you purchased a gun. And the choice to then own that weapon. It was these choices and the combination of weapons and drugs that made his conduct dangerous,” Weiss said at a press conference this Tuesday (11).

The charges stemmed from a revolver that Hunter Biden purchased in October 2018 at a gun store in Delaware, United States.

The first two charges were for lying about drug use on a federal background check form, and the third charge was for possessing a weapon while addicted to or using illegal drugs.

Hunter Biden also faces charges in a separate tax case set to go to trial in California in September.

The indictment in the California case, also filed by Weiss, accuses Hunter Biden of failing to file and pay his taxes on time and engaging in a tax evasion scheme by filing false tax returns and falsifying the company’s payroll books. your company.

Source: CNN Brasil

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