“No Shame”: Why President Biden Strongly Reprimanded Republicans

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The President of the United States Joe Biden rebuked them yesterday Republicans lawmakers who voted against his $ 1.9 trillion bailout package to alleviate the COVID-19 pandemic are now bragging about it in their political districts, according to the APE.

In his speech at an event at Ohio, Biden elicited laughter in the audience, holding a list of Republican lawmakers who he said boasted about the bill, called the American Rescue Plan, after it was passed with the support of only Democrats.

“Even my Republican friends in Congress did not vote in favor of the bailout. “I am not going to embarrass any of them, but I have a list here of how back in their districts they are bragging about the Rescue Plan,” Biden said, causing the audience to laugh. “Some people have no shame”, he added.

The US president is seeking Republican support for his next major infrastructure legislative initiative, but the White House and Republican lawmakers still do not converge on cost and other details.

Biden added that he was pleased that Republicans realized that the stimulus package was positive for voters in their constituencies.

“I am just happy to know that it has benefited their regions. I’m okay with that. “But if you want to get credit for what you have done, do not stand in the way of what we still need to do.”

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