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Noemi Bocchi, the ex-husband speaks for the first time on TV: “The blackest page of my life”

The love story between Francesco Totti And Naomi Bocchi going full steam ahead: after the New Year’s cruise in the Caribbean the two are left for the United Arab Emirates where the former Captain took part in the Footgolf Tournament along with other old football glories. Over there, Noemi’s days are spent peacefully between luxurious parties, the beach and padel matches. But he thought about marring his debut as a wag ex-husband Mario Caucci. That in his first television interview – from Massimo Giletti to It’s not the Arena on La 7 – he’s taken a lot of pebbles out of his shoes. «I decided to speak for the first time on TV because unfortunately this story is part of the blackest page of my life. And because my ex-wife said very serious things about me», began the thirty-five-year-old entrepreneur who in 2019 was reported by Noemi for ill-treatment (the trial is still ongoing).

Caucci, patron of Tivoli football and known by the nickname of «King of travertine» (her family has marble quarries) she says she loved Noemi very much: «We met at a friends party in common and we started dating from there. She was a beautiful girl, at the time she was even more beautiful in her normality. She is a woman who knows how to take you, she shows you the beautiful side of life, she is a woman who makes you feel good. My family was against it but I was in love and I didn’t listen to anyone.” Caucci then explained that it was Bocchi who demanded the transfer from Tivoli to Rome: «He wanted to go to Rome, to climb, climblook for something better. So the villa in the countryside was not good but the apartment with a view of Rome was».

According to Caucci, Bocchi «aspires to a very high life status. Clothes, holidays, schools, houses: only the best for her. She is a woman very smartknows exactly what he wants in life, where he wants to be and where he wants to go. Where it is now fully demonstrates it». Speaking with Giletti, the entrepreneur also insinuated the doubt that the life of his ex is a collage of lies: «Degree? Work as a flower designer? These things annoy me a lot. Nobody bothered to check.’

Caucci, with his voice tremblingalso recounted the end of his marriage to Bocchi: «This The story split in 2017 when my mother passed away and I have lost the beacon of my life. A month later my wife asked me for a break, which briefly turned into a separation». Then, rejecting the ex’s accusations, he said he never abandoned Noemi and her children after her separation: “I have never failed in my duties, sometimes I paid lower amounts but I have never left my ex-wife and two children without a livelihood».

Caucci also said on TV that before the story between Totti and Bocchi he saw his children, a 10-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy, “constantly”. He now he sees them «Very little. I found out they moved house from a newspaper, of the famous vacation in Miami instead I learned it on Christmas evening ». Then, at the end of the interview, the entrepreneur also brought up the Pupone and the end of the marriage with Ilary Blasi: «Totti made a mistake: breaking up the family. You have to fight for the family, always. Going is the easiest thing. Staying is the hardest thing.”

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Source: Vanity Fair

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