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Noemi Bocchi turns 35, the romantic social dedication of Francesco Totti

Noemi Bocchi, born on August 31, 1988, is 35 years old. And the mate Francesco Totti wanted to celebrate it, on Instagram, with one dedication which is a true declaration of love. At midnight sharp, the former Roma captain shared in the Stories a photo in which he and Noemi look at each other – lost in each other’s gaze – in crystalline water as a backdrop. An image accompanied by song Your beauty Of Francesco Renga.

The photo posted on Instagram by Francesco Totti for Noemi Bocchi’s birthday

A tender dedication that comes after a whole summer spent together. First the trip to California in which his three children also participated, Christian, Chanel and Isabel. Then the romantic getaways for two in South Africa (between safaris and evenings in front of the fireplace) and in Madagascar (between rose petals and champagne). Tours punctually documented on Instagram which to many observers looked like “honeymoon tests”. Especially since a diamond ring popped up on Noemi’s ring finger just this summer.

Totti and Blasi in South Africa (and a diamond ring appears on her ring finger)

While the gossip speculates about an alleged imminent wedding, there are commitments of a completely different kind in the future of the Captain and the newly thirty-five-year-old Noemi. Next 20 September, Francesco e Ilary Blasi Yes they will clash in court over the attribution of responsibility for the divorce. And Bocchi could also be summoned to the courtroom, to clarify her involvement in the separation of Rome’s most beloved former couple. Ilary, now engaged to Bastian Muller, has in fact presented formal debit requestarguing that the marriage with Totti ended because of him cheating on her with Noemi. Francis’ lawyers instead they argue that the first to betray was Blasi. We will only understand how the judicial affair will evolve on September 20, the day of the new hearing. In the meantime, Noemi has turned 35. And Francesco, via social media, wanted to reiterate all of her love for her.

Source: Vanity Fair

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