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Nord Stream 1 gas tap shuts off – Germany worried it won’t reopen

The tap is closed from today for 10 days natural gas from Russia to Germany is suspended for maintenance work to be carried out on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which cuts through the Baltic Sea and is considered the most important for the flow of fuel to Europe’s largest economy. The stream was due to stop at 06:00 (local time; 07:00 Greek time) and, in theory at least, to start again on the morning of July 21.

However, several officials in Germany are increasingly expressing concern that the flow may not be restoredas the war of Russia against Ukraine.

Germany and other Western countries have imposed successive rounds of sanctions on Moscow to force it to end the war.

Αγωγός φυσικού αερίουΑγωγός φυσικού αερίουNatural gas pipeline

But many countries are heavily dependent on Russian energy, and Moscow has reacted by suspending or reducing gas supplies to several of them, which is seen as a retaliatory move in Europe, as reported by the German Agency and relayed by the Athens News Agency.

Russian state gas company Gazprom has already significantly reduced deliveries through the 1,200km pipeline between Russia and northern Germany, citing delays in maintenance and repair work. Moscow attributes the delays to sanctions imposed by Western nations, an argument German Chancellor Olaf Scholz rejects.

The fact that only 40% of the pipeline’s capacity was being used led to further price increases on the gas market, according to Germany’s federal grid agency.

Source: News Beast

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