North Korea: ‘Asian NATO’ eyes US-South Korea-Japan deal

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Pyongyang has criticized the recent agreement by Washington, Seoul and Tokyo to strengthen their defense cooperation, which it sees as the realization of what it sees as a US plan to create a NATO-like alliance in the region.

This comment was made by a representative of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who spoke to the official news agency of North Korea, KCNA.

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“The reality clearly shows that the real purpose of the US, which is spreading the rumor about the ‘North Korean threat’, is to obtain a pretext to gain military superiority in the Asia-Pacific region,” the North Korean diplomatic spokesman opined.

“The prevailing situation urgently requires strengthening the country’s defenses to actively counter the rapidly deteriorating security environment,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman added.

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The leaders of the US, South Korea and Japan met on the sidelines of a NATO summit in Madrid last week and agreed to explore ways to further strengthen the “extended deterrence” of North Korea.

Source: Capital

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