North Korea: Fires At Least Ten Missiles – One Lands Near South Korea’s Territorial Waters

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THE North Korea today (2/11) conducted at least ten test launches rockets of various types, announced its national defense general staff South Koreashortly after a senior military officer confirmed that, “for the first time”ballistic missile landed near Seoul’s territorial waters.

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“North Korea fired at least 10 missiles of various types today to the east and west”informed the staff, while the South Korean president Yoon Seok-gil ordered to exist “quick reaction” to Pyongyang’s new “challenges”.. In fact, Mr. Yun “underlined that the current North Korean provocation was in practice “invasion of territory” of his country, “for the first time since the split” of the Korean peninsula, according to a press release released by his Blue House services.

As part of this response, South Korea’s military announced that three surface-to-surface missiles had been fired in the direction of the maritime area north of the disputed maritime demarcation line with North Korea

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A little while earlier, the general staff announced that, “for the first time”North Korean ballistic missile went down “near” South Korea’s “territorial waters”south of the disputed imaginary maritime boundary line.

This launch “is very unusual and unacceptable”a senior officer pointed out, explaining how “fell near South Korean territorial waters, south of the demarcation line for the first time” after the Korean peninsula was divided, as he explained.

At this time the South Korean military is currently conducting joint air training exercises with the US.

On her part, Japanese coast guard announced that a missile had already landed and that the location where it washed ashore was outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

On Tuesday (11/1), Pyongyang demanded that the US and South Korean militaries stop the large-scale military training camps they have proliferated of late, calling them a provocation that could lead to “stronger” retaliation from it.

YTN television reported that air defense sirens sounded on South Korea’s Ueleng Island around the time of the launch. A spokesman for the South Korean military confirmed the information.

The day before Monday, the armed forces of Washington and Seoul began one of the largest joint air exercises in recent years, with the participation of hundreds of fighters and bombers of the two states.

North Korea has carried out a record number of weapons tests this year and, according to US and South Korean officials and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is reportedly preparing to conduct another nuclear weapon test.its seventh in a row and its first since 2017, defying international sanctions for its weapons programs, while at the diplomatic level the impasse remains insurmountable.

Pyongyang characterizes the latest weapons tests as retaliation for the joint high schools of the armed forces of Washington and Seoul, in which a US aircraft carrier recently participated.

Source: News Beast

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