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North Korea: Its attempt to put a spy satellite into orbit failed – it fell into the sea

THE North Korea announced today (5/31) that the military satellite reconnaissance and surveillance that it intended to put into orbit “fell into the sea”, due to a technical failure suffered by its engine rocket “two-stage” that carried him, according to North Korea’s official KCNA news agency.

“The new Cheollima-1 satellite launch vehicle crashed into the West Sea”KCNA said, using the Korean name for the Yellow Sea, explaining that the missile lost momentum due to a failure in “the two-stage engine” it carries.

Today’s launch was Pyongyang’s sixth attempt to put a satellite into orbit and its first since 2016. It was something its leader Kim Jong Un had announced he would attempt. In fact, North Korea claimed that it wanted to put the satellite into orbit in order to increase its security level so that “to counter the dangerous military actions of the US and its proxies” in the region.

It caused alarm in Japan and South Korea

Meanwhile, the launch of the ballistic missile that would put the satellite into orbit caused alarm in Japan and South Korea. As soon as the Japanese government gathered evidence that the ballistic missile would not land on the country’s territory, it lifted the alert and warned residents in Okinawa through the J-Alert system that there was a possibility of having to rush to shelters.

For its part, the municipality of Seoul, the capital of South Korea, said that the warning sent to the mobile phones of residents that there was a possibility of having to leave their homes or the places where they were was “erroneous”. Sirens sounded in Seoul at 06:32 (local time; 00:32 Greek time).

Condemnation by the US

For its part, the US government announced that “strongly condemns” the launch of a ballistic missile to launch a military satellite into orbit by North Korea, which “raises tensions” in the area.

The movement “raises a risk of destabilizing the security situation in the region and beyond”noted Adam Hodge, spokesman for the presidency’s National Security Council, in the White House announcement.

“The alleged satellite launch uses technologies directly linked to North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile program”he continued.

“We are not closing the door on diplomacy, but Pyongyang must immediately stop its provocations and choose dialogue,” Mr Hodge said in the presidential statement, calling on “all” countries to “condemn” the launch.

The US “will take all necessary measures to guarantee the security of the US territory and its allies, South Korea and Japan”, the press release of the US presidency concludes.

Source: News Beast

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