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North Korea reports cases of “unknown fever”, but denies it is Covid

North Korea’s state media said on Thursday that an outbreak of fever of unknown origin emerged in a region bordering China, but it was not the new coronavirus over which the country declared victory this month.

Four fever cases “suspected to be infected with a malignant epidemic” were reported in Ryanggang province, near the Chinese border, on Tuesday, prompting authorities to immediately lock down the area and mobilize medical teams, the news agency said. official KCNA, citing the State Headquarters for Emergency Epidemic Prevention.

But a detailed analysis of the epidemic situation across the country showed that there have been no cases of Covid since the country’s outbreak ended earlier this month, KCNA said.

Still, authorities have sent epidemiology, virology and testing experts to the area to investigate the cause of the fever cases, while imposing measures to stop its spread, he said.

Authorities are “taking steps to track all people who have connected with suspected cases and people traveling to and from the relevant area and keep them under strict medical observation,” KCNA said.

After North Korea declared victory over Covid, the country blamed South Korea for causing the outbreak and vowed “deadly retaliation” against it. South Korea has denied the allegation as unfounded.

The authorities have since lifted the face mask mandate and other restrictions, including limits on the use of public facilities, except in border regions.

North Korea has never confirmed how many people have caught Covid, apparently because it lacks the means to carry out widespread testing.

Instead, it reported daily numbers of fever patients, a count that rose to about 4.77 million. But it said it had not reported any new cases since July 29.

Source: CNN Brasil

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