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North Korean soldiers cross border – Turn back after warning fire from South Korean forces

About 20 North Korean soldiers briefly crossed the border on Sunday before South Korean forces opened fire as a warning and forced them to retreat, the National Defense General Staff in Seoul said today. “North Korean soldiers were working inside the DMZ (demilitarized zone) and for a short time crossed the military demarcation line,” the staff explained. The DMZ has separated the two hostile states since 1953. “After our army issued warning messages and opened fire as a warning, they retreated to the north,” the staff continued. Apart from that, “no (other) unusual movement was observed”, he clarified. Despite its name, there are extensive fortifications on both sides of the four-kilometer-wide DMZ, yet the military dividing line, down its middle, has nothing but signs every 100 meters that have not been replaced in over 70 years. Soldiers from both sides regularly patrol the zone, which sometimes leads to skirmishes. According to a representative of the South Korean staff, it was […]
Source: News Beast

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