Northern Ireland welcomed Carlo and Camilla in celebration

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While I Dukes of Cambridge I am on a mission for Her Majesty ai CaribbeanPrince Carlo and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla they arrived at Cookstownin northern Ireland. A journey that is part of the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth IIand at the same time also one historical visitas no member of the royal family had ever visited the city before.

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First leg of a four day trip which will also bring them into the Republic of Irelandfrom where they have been missing since 2019, Carlo and Camilla were highly anticipated in Ulster, which they had last October waited in vain for the Queen. The planned trip of Elizabeth II, in fact, had been canceled for health reasons at the last minuteand when the Jubilee tours were organized, at Buckingham Palace they took great care not to forget about “hot” Northern Ireland.

There royal couple she arrived yesterday and was greeted with enthusiasm by the inhabitants of the city, where she first visited one elementary School attended by 300 children, then the charity Superstar Café, which helps children with disabilities to find work. So she separated and, while Camilla continued her tour of the city, Carlo first attended a receipt organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the birth of Rural Support Northern Irelandwhich supports Northern Irish agricultural workers, then a Lissan Housea historic home from the 17th century, where he visited the library and met with volunteers from Loughgall Hedgehog Rescue, an association animal rights activist who takes care of saving small curls.

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It was probably this for the prince – passionate environmentalist – the moment more enjoyable of the day, given the smiles he gave to the pets (well documented by the Clarence House social profiles). It is about a small female of curly that Carlo seems to have paused with particular interest: “Jill was hit and was seriously injured”, he enthusiastically told the BelfastLive Andrea Cowan, who heads the association, «E the prince was very interested in her and her fate. We know how attentive he is to animal welfare and environmental issues and he has shown us once again ».

Carlo and Camilla had last been to Northern Ireland in May 2021, but had only visited Belfast.

Source: Vanity Fair

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