Northern Macedonia: The Football Federation refuses to change its name

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Its Foreign Minister Northern Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, claimed that the football federation of his country is not obliged to change and adapt its name to the new name of the country, as he said, it is not subsidized by the state.

“The Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM) is an independent and non-profit organization that is registered in the General Register as an association and therefore is not funded by the state. The Prespa Agreement refers to institutions that receive state subsidies. Since FFM does not receive any money from the state, it has no obligation to adapt to the Prespa Agreement. The trademark codes under the Prespa Agreement are as follows: MK and MKD codes. “Some ask why the code NMK (North Macedonia) is not used, but this code is set only for car plates, according to the Prespa Agreement,” said today the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Northern Macedonia Bujar Osmani at a press conference in Skopje, responding to press reports. questions about the tensions of Greece regarding the initials FFM on the shirts of the footballers of the country, in EURO 2020.

For the controversial initially in the jerseys of the football players of Northern Macedonia but also for provocative posts on social media of the president of the football federation of the country, Muamed Seidini, there were reactions of both the Deputy Minister of Sports of Greece, Lefteris Avgenakis, and the EPO to UEFA, but also a letter of protest of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias to his counterpart from Northern Macedonia.

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