Northern Macedonia: Zoran Zaef says he will resign in case of defeat in Skopje municipal elections

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THE Zoran Zaef, Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia, threatened to resign in case of defeat that governs it Social Democratic Party (SDSM), which he leads, loses in the second round of municipal elections in the metropolitan municipality of Skopje. The second round of municipal elections in the country will take place on Sunday, October 31st.

However, ο Zoran Zaef opposed the possibility calling early parliamentary elections in the country, noting that the current government still has a term of 2.5 years ahead of it and regardless of the result of the municipal elections, it must continue its work.

THE Prime Minister, in an interview on Monday night (25/10) on their private television station Skopje «Sitel», hinted that if the SDSM lose it Δof Skopje, in his place Prime Minister of the country will be succeeded by an executive from his party.

In the first round of the municipal elections, which took place on October 17, the right-wing opposition party emerged victorious. VMRO-DPMNE, electing 22 Mayors, while the SDSM chose only nine.

Ballot boxes for the second round will be set up in 44 municipalities of the country, including the metropolitan municipality Skopje, in which the independent candidate will face – is openly supported by VMRO-DPMNEDanella Arsovska and the outgoing mayor Skopje and re-candidate SDSM, The Petre Silegov.

In the first round, the Danella Arsovska, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the country, received a percentage of 37.68%, while the Petre Silegov 34.24%.

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