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Northern Minas Gerais cities record damage from heavy rains

The rains that devastated southern Bahia in recent weeks also caused damage in northern Minas Gerais.

At least 1134 displaced and 58 homeless in three municipalities in the region were registered by the Military Fire Department of Minas Gerais, in addition to flooding and collapse of houses in the monitored areas.

The city of Salinas declared an emergency situation due to the flooding and flooding of several neighborhoods in the city. A nursing home had to be emptied as a result of the flooding, which meant that thirty-eight elderly people had to be relocated to one of the shelters set up by the City.

Salinas registered at least 1,000 homeless people and 23 homeless, in addition to 70 commercial outlets and 236 homes affected, with a total impact of 1181 people.

Rio Pardo de Minas and Porteirinha also suffer from the flood of rivers that cut through the municipalities, with difficulties in accessing rural areas.

In the city of Montes Claros, the Fire Departments claim that an inspection is carried out at the “Vai Quem pode” dam, also monitored by the Municipal Coordination of Protection and by the Civil Defense.

According to the Fire Department, the priority focus now is to carry out the rescue of isolated and sick people as a result of the rains, as well as acting in humanitarian support logistics to enable the delivery of donations.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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