Norway: The perpetrator of the attack had embraced Islam

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Islam had been embraced the 37-year-old Danish perpetrator of the bow and arrow attack in Norway, who killed five people. “This is a man who had converted to Islam,” Ole Brendrup Severund, Norway’s local police chief, told a news conference. “There were fears of previous radicalization,” he added, adding that those fears date back to 2020 and earlier.

Five people – four women and a man between the ages of 50 and 70 – were killed and two others – including an off-duty police officer – were injured in the attack.

Police had already announced that the perpetrator, who was arrested about half an hour after the attack started, at 18:47 local time (19:47 Greek time) yesterday Wednesday, had been living for several years in Kongsberg, a small town of about 25,000 inhabitants who is located about 80 kilometers west of Oslo.

Norway: Confess his actions

The 37-year-old was taken to the Drammen police station where he was interrogated for more than three hours during the night and confessed to the transactionsas stated by Fredrik Neumann’s lawyer. According to him, the man’s mother is Danish and his father is Norwegian.

The perpetrator used a bow and arrow to kill his victims, although police also referred to other weapons, according to the APE-MPE, citing the French Agency.

According to the newspaper Aftenposten, which referred to police, the attack lasted 30 minutes with the man operating in a “wide area” of Kongsberg, starting from a Coop Extra supermarket.

The attack started at 18:12 local time and the police initially confronted the perpetrator six minutes later. However, he escaped before being arrested 35 minutes after the start of the attack. During this time, according to Brendrup Severund, the perpetrator killed all five victims.

“We are investigating to confirm that the man acted alone, we have no information to the contrary, but we are continuing the investigation to be absolutely sure,” said Brendrup Severund.

The motives of the perpetrator are not known and the police has not ruled out the possibility that this is a terrorist act.

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