Nothing has been lost between Mina and Celentano

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Obviously, there was neither one nor the other to present their latest record. The Complete Recordings, for Sony Music, it collects all the songs created and interpreted for the albums MinaCelentano of 1998 and The best 2016. Plus an unpublished: Nothing was lost, written by Fabrizio Ilacqua, each recorded in their own home (she in Lugano, he on the outskirts of Milan), and accompanied by a video. Mina, 81 years old, e Adriano Celentano, 83, cartoon version, seated from behind on a blue and white striped deckchair. In front of the sea, the most classic position to stop for a moment to take stock.

“Mina and Adriano are two playful, they love each other since childhood”, tell his wife about him, Claudia Mori, and her son, Massimiliano Pani, in the role of spokesperson. To confirm the complicity and harmony between two of the artists who made the history of Italy, a series of unpublished shots. «The idea of ​​doing something together appealed to both of them», they continue, «so in ’98 they decided to create something new, not self-celebrating. They have always worked with a strong spirit, a great symbiosis despite the diversity. They have always had curiosity and a spirit of lightness, but also great seriousness ».

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The future? «Every now and then», explains Pani, «Adriano tells Mina about a project. She lets him finish then says no. ‘ There Tiger she retired from the public scene in 1978. And Celentano? “I think he’s thinking about a return to TV», Mori explains,« Something is cooking, but Adriano doesn’t tell me anything. I’ve seen him busy for a year and he always says he’s putting the computer in order. “


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