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Number of deaths due to rain in RS reaches 148

The number of people killed as a result of the rains that have hit Rio Grande do Sul since last week has reached 148. The latest Civil Defense balance sheet was released early this Tuesday afternoon (14). The number of affected municipalities is 446.

According to the report, the state has 806 injured and 124 missing. In total, 2,124,203 people were affected, of which 538,545 are homeless and 76,884 remain in shelters.

Since the start of relief operations, 76,483 people and 11,002 animals have been rescued.

See the full balance:

  • Deaths: 148
  • Injured: 806
  • Missing: 124
  • Municipalities affected: 446
  • People affected: 2,124,203
  • Homeless: 538,545
  • People in shelters: 76,884
  • People rescued: 76,483
  • Animals rescued: 11,002

Teams work in rescues

In total, according to the government of Rio Grande do Sul, there are 27,651 people working in rescues. The action has the support of 4,405 vehicles, in addition to 41 aircraft and 340 vessels.

Maps of affected locations

Interactive maps made by CNN based on data released by the Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul, they show the current situation in relation to the rains that have been affecting the state for around two weeks. Access here.

(Published by Bruno Laforé)

Source: CNN Brasil

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