Nun is indicted for the death of 10 elderly people in a nursing home in MG

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A nun was indicted this Wednesday (18) for the death of ten elderly people in a nursing home in Divinópolis, Minas Gerais. According to the Civil Police of the state, there were indications of mistreatment and precarious hygiene conditions at the place.

The investigations began in April last year, after the shelter, which served 81 elderly people, was banned by the Sanitary Surveillance of the municipality.

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During searches at the site, packages of disposable diapers and improperly stored medications were found. Elderly people with psychiatric disorders were kept in unhealthy environments, without access to water and toilets.

According to the delegate responsible for the case, “the nun responsible for the care of the inmates determined the omission or insertion of false information about the inmates in the medical records. In this way, some patients suffered for hours, days, until they evolved to death”.

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The nun can answer for the crimes of infraction of preventive health measure, illegal practice of medicine, faith healing, improper omissive homicide, false imprisonment, torture, ill-treatment, in addition to ideological falsehood.

Seven technicians and nursing assistants were also indicted for ill-treatment, false imprisonment and torture, the latter crime being attributed to six other employees of the entity.

Source: CNN Brasil

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