Nunes Marques says he will guide judgment on Valdevan in plenary in the next few days

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Minister Kassio Nunes Marques, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), said this Friday to CNN which will guide the judgment in plenary on the impeachment of Bolsonar deputy Valdevan Noventa (PL-SE) in the coming days. “I’ll set the agenda soon”, assured the minister.

Nunes Marques, however, said he has not yet defined whether the case will go to the physical or virtual plenary. If it is physical, it will depend on the definition of a date by the President of the Court, Minister Luiz Fux. If it’s virtual, Nunes Marques himself can guide.

Valdevan was impeached by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) for abuse of economic power and, last week, he obtained an injunction from Nunes Marques to continue in office. Today, the Second Panel of the STF, made up of five ministers, overturned the injunction and re-established the TSE’s decision.

The tendency is for Nunes Marques to suffer another defeat in plenary. The judgment of the plenary will have the participation of the eleven ministers. An important thesis for parties in an election year will be discussed. Valdevan had his vows annulled after his conviction. As a result, the party was not able to take advantage of the votes in the calculation of the bench in the Chamber of Deputies.

The class judged only the injunction, in a specific request. In the plenary, another case will be judged, which will define the general rule, and not just the Valdevan case.

The TSE changed this understanding in 2020. Before that, in case of cancellation of candidacy registration, the parliamentarian was without a mandate, but the party could use the votes to define the number of seats won in the Chamber.

When granting the injunction, Nunes Marques stated that the new rule could not be applied to Valdevan, since the conviction against him was due to the 2018 campaign, when the understanding was still the old one.

In this Friday’s judgment, ministers of the Second Panel stated that this issue should be dealt with in plenary.

The trend, according to ministers heard by the CNN in a reserved character, is that the plenary of the STF legitimizes the TSE’s stricter understanding in relation to those convicted of abuse of power. If this is confirmed, it will be a message for the parties to choose their candidates with more criteria, since, in case of conviction, they may lose the votes.

Source: CNN Brasil

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