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Nurses: “Put the police posts back in the hospitals, we are victims of violence”

The last case to hit the national news is that of First aid of Umberto I of Rome on the day of the demonstration that came to devastate the headquarters of the CGIL. Once again there have been episodes of violence against sanitary. In Rome, three nurses were injured. It also happened in Trieste, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Puglia only in the last few weeks. Last year in Piedmont a nurse was injured because a person threw the steel trolley used to administer the therapies at her. These are examples among many.

The Prime Minister Mario Draghi the healthcare staff wanted to pose in the symbolic photo at the G20 in Rome. In the long months of the pandemic, doctors and nurses have been at the forefront, but they have also become even more so target of attacks and violence. Healthcare workers are increasingly insulted and pushed, attacked and threatened.

With Covid, a problem that already existed has become more acute and evident. “In the fall of 2019,” he explains Antonio De Palma, National President of Nursing Up, union of nurses, “We made a survey, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, which showed physical violence, threats, insults. One in 10 nurses confirmed having suffered physical violence at work, 4% reported being threatened with a firearm. Finally, one out of two says they have received verbal assault ». Nurses are the most affected category because they are numerically greater and carry out continuous assistance activities close to the patient.

The association needs a legislative intervention within the law under discussion on violence in the workplace. «There are penalties in this law for those who commit crimes, but there is nothing within the prevention. The creation of a national observatory is hypothesized which will investigate after the violence has occurred. Our request is to restore the police stations that were once present in every Italian emergency room. In addition to a public utility service because there can be direct passing of reports for complaints, they would also be a deterrent for those who think they are engaging in violence ”.


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